The Gospel According to Paul

Rev. Dale R. Andre, D.D.


The Lord has promised to meet our needs,
if we seek first the kingdom of God and
His Righteousness, and, indeed, He has, and does
keep this promise. Yet, we are quite aware that
He uses human instrumentality to accomplish this.
Therefore, we respectfully dedicate this book to those
who have faithfully supported our ministry
over the years, and without whom the writing
of this book would not have been possible.


I Saul Who Was Also Called Paul
II Paul an Apostle Not of Men
III Paul Marveled
IV Another Gospel: Which Is Not Another
V Do I Now Persuade Men or God?
VI Fourteen Years After Paul’s Salvation
VII When Peter Came to Antioch
VIII Are Ye Now Made Perfect By the Flesh?
IX Even As Abraham Believed God
X The Just Shall Live By Faith
XI Though It Be But a Man’s Covenant
XII Wherefore Then Serveth the Law?
XIII When the Fullness of the Time Was Come
XIV The Weak and Beggarly Elements
XV Cast Out the Bondwoman and Her Son
XVI A Little Leaven Leaveneth the Whole Lump
XVII Ye Have Been Called Unto Liberty
XVIII Walk In the Spirit
XIX The Promise
XX The Works of the Flesh Are These
XXI The Fruit of the Spirit Is Love
XXII Ye That Are Spiritual
XXIII Whatsoever a Man Soweth
XXIV Ye See How Large a Letter
The entire book in one file: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO PAUL

Copyright 1998
Revised 2001
Second Revision 2005